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product arrow PCI-E Sound Card 5.1 Channel

Price Rp 175.000
Rp 165.000

PCI-E Sound Card 5.1 Channel

PCI Express Sound Card 5.1 Channel CMI8738

Features :
- PCI Express PCI-E CMI8738 5.1-channel sound card
- Provides audio fidelity that rivals movie theaters with 4\6-channel digital sound
- Enjoys compelling 3D audio and 4-channel sound on multiple speaker series
- HRTF-base 3D positional audio, supporting DirectSound 3D, EAX and A3D interfaces
- Customize Internet audio with the power and surround sound of EAX audio technology
- Supports multi-speaker output to 4/6 speakers
- Supports high-performance 6-channel audio sound card
- Rich software bundled
- Complies with Microsoft PC99 specification
- Own interface front-channel output, in the home/bass channel output, Rear channel output, surround sound output, microphone input, line transmission
- Built-in external built
- Income, headphone output

Specifications :
- Chipset: CMI8738
- System interface: 32-bit PCI express x1 Bus Master
- Software compatibility: fully Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro and DirectSound compatible
- Wave table synthesizer: DLS-base Wavetable music synthesizer
- External connector: SPK1,SPK2,SPK3, line-in, MIC-in
- Internal connector: CD audio, AUX connectors
- 3D effect: Microsoft DirectSound 3D; Aureal A3D; HRTF 3D extension positional audio; EAX
- Linear audio interface input / microphone input
- Linear standard output (front / rear / central / bass)
- Output sampling rate (KHZ) 96KHz
- 24 bit sample median

Package Content :

1x PCI-E Sound Card 5.1 channel
1x CD Driver

Berat : 200gram